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The fitness Source
The fitness Source

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Big Bear Lakes’ only high altitude, premier fitness center.

We offer the best services in Big Bear from the top certified fitness professionals. Our services include membership packages, fitness classes, personal training and wellness programs to help you meet your needs no matter your fitness level.

At The Fitness Source we believe and understand how important your health is to you and our priority is to help you reach your goals.

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The fitness Source

Our mission here is Simple

To bring out the very best in our members through ENERGY, MOVEMENT and LIFE!

The Fitness Source

The Fitness Source originated in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009 as a certified personal training and triathlon studio. Over the years, TFS has grown in the community by providing many clients a one on one approach with a goal oriented experience in understanding how to create an organic life style. The Fitness Source has been featured in numerous local and national news fitness segments, Dr. Oz Show, publications and magazines, and many more. TFS is also one of the oldest and longest standing personal training studio in Las Vegas that excels in a high end private setting. The Fitness Source is more than just a fitness studio, they are involved in a variety of charities in the community.

The fitness Source
The fitness Source

Meet The Owners

Stephanie Weigel Ibasco

The fitness Source

Stephanie Weigel Ibasco “the runner” carries 17 years of experience as an Athlete and Elite Master Personal Trainer. Stephanie Weigel, a sponsored ADIDAS athlete, is well known in the “Ultra Trail Running” community for placing in top races around the country. Her drive, determination, and passion lead her to be a top contender and has won several notable races in the many years of running. During the winter months when she is not running, you can find Stephanie snowshoeing the slopes of a mountain. Stephanie is also a sponsored snowshoe athlete by ATLAS SNOWSHOES.

Asides from being an Athlete and Trainer, Stephanie is a vegan advocate. She has embraced many clients into understanding how to love and take care of their health and body by working out and eating right. She emphasizes that working hard only pays off if you pay attention to what you eat.

As an elite personal trainer, ultra trail runner, and triathlete, Stephanie shares her love of training among the many clients she trains. She has created numerous programs based upon a clients needs and goals. Stephanie also specializes on weight loss and menopause. One of her strong suites is online training for health and fitness. Because of Stephanie’s passion to train people anywhere and everywhere she mastered how to instruct and train people at their convenience through virtual training.

Stephanie Weigel holds a degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology and national certifications in Road Runner Club of America (RRCA), USA Triathlon (USAT), International Sports Science Association (ISSA). In addition to certifications, she has many of years in Marketing and Advertisement. Stephanie’s broad experience also landed her to write articles for several publications such as Runners World.

Mike Ibasco

The fitness Source

Mike Ibasco brings 18 years of experience in the health and fitness world. He is an Elite Master Personal Trainer and class instructor and holds national certifications in Athletic Training (ATC) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with an emphasis in Sports Conditioning/Training, Corrective Exercise, Physical and Massage Therapy.

Prior to personal training, Mr. Ibasco was an Athletic Trainer for San Jose State University teams as well as National/Professional teams and organization. Most notable was the NBA All Star working for Jordan Brand. As an Athletic Trainer he provided the sports medicine approach in rehab and therapy while performing specialized exercises for the athletes.

During his early years as a personal trainer Mr. Ibasco was an integral part of several expansions in Las Vegas. 24 hour Fitness Agassi Supersport, Rapid Rehab, Queensridge Towers to name a few. He has directed and organized the construction and programs of high end hotel gyms. As an elite personal trainer, Mr. Ibascos’ long resume of clientele involves Las Vegas’ “whos who” in the community. His expertise, dedication and passion for fitness training helped paramount him as one of Las Vegas’ successful personal trainers. In addition, Mr. Ibasco holds speaking and bootcamp workout engagements while specializing in high energy and movement.

Mike Ibasco gain national headlines by competing on the famous NBC show American Ninja Warrior in 2017. The Mountain “Farmer” Ninja Warrior was known for his improvised high altitude ninja training while caring for his private farm of animals. The Ninja also partnered up with a local gymnastics studio to create ninja obstacles for little gymnasts.

Along with his wife Stephanie, they fulfilled their dream of opening their very own facility – The Fitness Source. There they created fitness services and programs in a high end private setting.

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