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Not Satisfied with your results?

Are you unable to achieve the results you hoped for? Personal training can be the solution. By keeping you motivated and accountable, this is a true investment for your health.

Customized Personal Training

One-on-One fitness training program. The program consists of different specialties that focuses on desired goals. You will be trained and educated to workout with free weights, strength machines, cardio equipment and much more. This is a 60 minute private session instructed by an certified fitness trainer.


Full Body Assessment and Measurements

The Full Body Assessment is a 75 minute comprehensive program that identifies injuries, muscle imbalance, gait patterns, motor skills, strength deficiencies and much more. You will obtain a report on how to organize your program in relation to your achieving your goals. The measurements and body fat testing process will take place during your evaluation and be tracked throughout your program. Measurements allow us to identify your starting inches, set goals, and monitor your progress.


Want to achieve those goals sooner? In this 30 day challenge you will learn, discover, and adapt to certain skills that will aid in a healthier life-style. Over the course of the program, you will encounter ups and downs by challenging yourself to create a better YOU. This is an all results program based upon an organic way of losing weight. This program is strictly monitored for 30 days straight by an certified fitness trainer.

You will learn the challenges that arise when Exercise and Healthy Eating become part of your daily routine. Our team will help educate you on your physical and mental performance and how nutrition can effect you. You will learn how to create and adapt to a simple, yet realistic.

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